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Manufacturer and Exporters of Digital wall tiles

Digital Wall Tiles Exporter & Manufacturer


Wall tiles is favoured both in new constructions as well as in renovating your existing place. As soon as the wall tiles are overlaid the surfaces you want to address, you will surely be left mesmerised with what you see. But of course, all these things will not be possible unless you do the job correctly. It includes bathroom and kitchen tiles.

Wall tiles come in different sizes, colours, and materials. Usually, you make use of smaller pieces placed on your kitchen sinks whilst larger ones overlaid on your bathroom walls. We provide wall tiles that remove your boring and old into innovative place. You may also experiment with the designs as you think of starting your house project involving Digital wall tiles manufacturer.

It is more than just preparing your materials and taking measurements of your walls. Wall tiles should be laid by ensuring that the wall is levelled starts from assessing your floors corners. The aesthetic value of the product comes out once you and your professional team start to work on the project. Aside from concerns on types and pricing, learning to lay Wall tiles Exporter is also an issue you must handle very well. This will help you get the desired pattern out of the materials.


Aayu Exim is established by group of the people who has set landmark in their fields. Aayu Tiles Group consist of ceramic tiles manufacturers, industrial ceramics manufacturers, importers, exporters and ceramics techno crafts, So it has set goal for its clientele. It has erected and installed machinery and technologies for future value – added products. These Value-added products will bring quality, Design and Innovation as per international standards and trends, So you can find all the products from Aayu Tiles better than before at every stage and every time.