Larch Wood Wenge / 600 X 1200 PGVT

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  • Category: 600 X 1200 PGVT
  • Products Name: Larch Wood Wenge

pvc plastic pipe

Product Overview

1.Material: PVC

2.Size:  availability

3.Colors: white or other colors availability upon request

4.Form Supplied: 4m, 6m or other length availability upon request.

5.Standard: ISO 9001.


1.High Flow Capacity:The smooth interior walls and low friction of PVC-U drainage pipe result in low flow resistance and high volume.

2.Corrosion Resistant:PVC-U drainage pipe is non-conductors of electricity and immune to electrochemical reactions caused by acids, bases, and salts that cause corrosion in metals.

3. Low Installation costs:PVC-U drainage pipe is lightweight and is installed with solvent cement and gasketed joint. Ease of installation reduces the installation costs.

4. Longevity:PVC-U drainage pipe can work for more than 50 years under proper use

5. Environment-friendly:PVC-U drainage pipe can be recycled.


1.Soil and waste discharge pipelines (low and high temperature) inside buildings.

2.Rainwater pipelines inside the building.

3.Buried drainage pipelines without pressure on the ground.

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